Ground Rules

Now for less fun things than About Me! (Does the exclamation point make it more fun?). Ground rules. I promise they're less strict than your high school curfew.

This is a community, and I require respectful and thoughtful communication with other readers and with me. If you disagree with something I post, please feel free to speak up! But name-calling, shaming, rude, crass, or disrespectful comments will, at my discretion, be deleted and offenders will be punished with life in prison – or just revoked commenting privileges :)

I will rarely, if ever, be overtly political in my posts, despite deep political involvement in my personal life. If I do not address the political aspects of some topic, I will not respond to criticism to that end. It is a personal choice of mine to use my individual, rather than blogging, platform for political discussion, and I won’t do it often in my writing here.  This includes excessive discussion of my own privileges in life. I may discuss privilege occasionally, but it will not occupy a lot of space in my posts. If it's not explicitly addressed and you feel it is relevant, please assume I know my privileges and understand that not everyone will have the same opportunities, experiences or limitations that I have. That said, as stated above, I will not tolerate rude comments about any person or group of people, including people with different political views than you may hold.

All are welcome at Champagne & Capital Gains. As long as we treat each other like people with feelings, we should have a pretty great time!


First and foremost, I am a lawyer in my daily life, which is information I have chosen to share on my blog. But I am not your lawyer and interacting with me does not and will not under any circumstances create an attorney-client relationship or provide you with attorney-client privilege, even if I discuss the legal aspects of something on occasion. 

While I have learned a lot about personal finance over the years, I am not considered an expert in the things I am discussing. I am not your financial planner, investment advisor, accountant, lawyer, physician or any other professional and none of this should be taken as investment, tax, legal, or any other type of advice or counsel. There is no attorney-client relationship, doctor-patient relationship, or any other relationship that creates privilege between Champagne & Capital Gains or me as an individual and you, the reader, or anyone associated with you.

The views and opinions I express and the stories I tell are not reflective of any person or organization with which I am otherwise associated either in my individual or company capacity. If you take any information from this blog or any of my communications and apply it to your own life or to other peoples’, you do so at your own risk.


I personally value privacy (no Alexa in my house, y'all! *adjusts tinfoil hat*). Thus, I will not use any personal information you provide (e-mail addresses, etc.) in a way I would not want my e-mail address to be used, including: selling or otherwise providing e-mail addresses, names, or other information about my subscribers or visitors to anyone, for any purpose, unless I obtain specfic permission via an opt-in of some kind. Champagne & Capital Gains collects information about visitors through Squarespace's Analytics, which provides basic data about website traffic numbers. Here is a link to Squarespace's Privacy Policy, which covers End Users (you!). If you would like to opt out of analytics, please contact me at

Affiliates & Advertising


I am currently an Amazon Associate, which means I can link to products on their website and I will receive a small commission if you purchase something through my affiliate link! I have no other relationship with Amazon and nothing on my blog represents the views of Amazon or any of its other affiliates or Associates.

It is likely I will have other affiliate relationships and advertising relationships in the future, and I will always be open about that. I will NEVER provide a false or incomplete review of an affiliate product or service. Nothing that you click on through my website will cost you any money. If you have questions or concerns, as always, contact me at!